The Chronicles of Narnia: The Golden Age. A different Narnia RPG

The White Witch has been defeated, bringing an end to the endless Winter that raged on throughout the Narnian Kingdom, and bringing Christmas back. The Kings and Queens of Old have been crowned, and a few years later, they still rule on, safe in the Castle of Cair Paravel. The dryads look after their forests, the nymphs take care of what is theirs, the centaurs read the stars, the trees dance and the fauns play their instruments. King Lune of Archenland and the High King Peter of Narnia have made a treaty to bind the forces of Archenland together with a marriage. High King Peter will marry Princess Isla of Archenland in the future. More Daughters of Eve and Sons of Adam have been showing up since the battle of the White Witch. Some were hiding in fear of being killed, but now they can live on in peace. There is a rumour going round court that Queen Susan might marry Prince Rabadash of Calormen in the future too, though there are so many rumours at court that you should not believe them all. However, something is happening behind the backs of the Kings and Queens. There is something being created in underground Narnia… a Thieves Guild. In the past, it had sat quiet and unknown of except for its few clients, but now it is expanding in members rapidly. It is mainly maid up of thieves, pickpockets and people with a terrible past, but oddly enough the Guild does not want to cause trouble. In fact, it wants to help people… well, in a certain way. Its members are bound not to kill their marks to get the desired item for them, and they do not steal from their customers. But worse… The Archenland childrens’ older sister, Clarissa, is falling for one of the members. Or is this just another rumour like the ones at court?

Characters needed the most…


Tumnus (Royal Advisor to the Kings and Queens)

Sir Caradoc Dalmaine

King Lune of Archenland

Prince Tomas of Archenland


Sorkin the Fox


Queen Camelia of Archenland


Sophie Herring

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