Georgie Henley gifs

fuckyeahnarnia:  Do you see each other as being siblings basically, have you got that sibling relationship?  Yeah, I really think we do. We met each other when I was eight and Skandar was twelve, so weve kind of grown up a little bit together which has been really nice. And were like one big family on set really, except without the arguments and throwing stuff at each other and all that.    It is magic. - Georgie Henley on The Chronicles of Narnia.


georgiehenleyworld:  Theres definitely comedy in this one. I think thats great.the-next-generation:  Lily Potter {Taken} - Fifth Year Gryffindor. Lily is a daydreamer. Shes smiles and fluffy clouds and nature and  airy and dreamy, just like the woman who inspired her middle name. Lily  lives in fantasy; her head is always buried in a book, muggle books that  is, stories adventures and fairytales and handsome princes on  horseback. She would never hurt anything, which often lands her being  the one getting hurt, left behind by her friends who are growing up and  are much more interested in boys than silly stories about princesses.  Lily isnt interested in boys. And she wont be until her own prince  charming comes along and whisks her off her feet. Too bad that makes her  completely oblivious to the fact that a certain fourth year Gryffindor  by the name of Josh Davies is completely in love with her. georgiehenleyworld:  I love that kind of thing.


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