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…and I see fire

…and I see fire


mycallousalice asked; lucrezia borgia (the borgias) or kathryn howard (the tudors) [x]


 Make me choose between 
└ mickeytomyiian asked: Ragnar or Lagertha

A Shield Raised"   
My sister Lagertha treads a hard path. Alone in a man’s world, having lost a child - passed over by a husband - she feels less than a woman, but must now become something more. See how she holds her shield high. Freyja speaks to her, calling out the warrior sleeping within.

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make me choose » countessmadeofmemories asked Lucrezia or Cesare Borgia

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Never mind, I saw it was by surname! Also, your link for Eddie Redmayne doesn't work. c:


I’ll fix it

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soydepensamientostorcidos asked; loras tyrell or lucrezia borgia [x]

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BBC’s The Musketeers characters: Constance

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haltiatar asked; anne of cleves or kathryn howard [x]

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