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You’ve had someone break into my room before. Why don’t you tell us how it’s done?”

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Anonymous : in one of your sideba gifs there's luke pasqualino and a girl, shooting a gun. who's that girl? thanks :)

Tamla Kari from the Musketeers

Anonymous : Could I use gifs from your blog in my blog if I source them?

You’re more than welcome to but be advised not all of them are mine. Do not repost them in a gifset or something of the like, that’s stealing, but the blogs I talk to would allow you to use them as reaction gifs or in roleplaying

Natalie Dormer’s photoshoot for People Magazine 2014 {x}


Bill Haskell in Klondike (part I)

deal’s over if you dig

Chloe Moretz on The Wendy Williams Show [September 26th, 2014]